What We Do

There are 743 million children under the age of 15 in the Commonwealth spread across six continents. All these children have an equal right to education.

Through innovation and collaboration with carefully selected educational partners and practitioners, we work to increase educational opportunities for children in the Commonwealth regardless of social, political, or geographic situation. In particular we:

We invest in a balanced portfolio of initiatives which together, in our judgement, have the greatest potential for making long term material advances in education across the Commonwealth.

"We spend much of our business lives investing money in order to create money. It is a rare privilege to be able to invest money in order to create understanding: our own understanding to inform our investment decisions; the understanding of teachers to help them with the pivotal role they play in fostering learning; and finally the understanding of children so that they can make the best decisions in their lives for themselves, their communities and ultimately the world. If we succeed, albeit in a small way, then our money has been well spent."

– Chief Executive, Mrs Judy Curry

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