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CET is built on the premise that education is the foundation for development. Its purpose is to advance primary and secondary education across the Commonwealth with a strong focus on teacher professional development. It encourages innovation and shares best practice from across the Commonwealth to assist teachers and young people develop the understanding and skills to contribute to the development of sustainable communities.


CET is a charitable trust (charity number 1119647) and is regulated by the Charity Commission of England and Wales. It is governed by a Deed of Trust dated 14 June 2007 which provides for the appointment of four Trustees (or one if the Trustee is a Trust Corporation) and three ex-officio Advisory Trustees.


The Commonwealth Education Trust Limited is the corporate trustee of CET and has ultimate authority for the control of the Trust. The duties of the corporate trustee are exercised through its directors who are:

  • Miss Judith Hanratty CVO OBE (Chairman)
  • Mr Robert Alston
  • Mr Mark Florman
  • Mr Jeffrey Twentyman

Advisory Trustees

The Advisory Trustees’ role is to advise the Trustees on issues relating to the Commonwealth and to assist co-ordination between the Trustees and the Commonwealth. The Advisory Trustees rotate and are the representatives to the Court of St James’s of the countries currently holding the Chair of the Commonwealth, the immediate past Chair and the next to hold the Chair. The current Advisory Trustees are:

  • His Excellency the High Commissioner to London for Sri Lanka
  • His Excellency the High Commissioner to London for Malta
  • United Kingdom Envoy


The countries of the Commonwealth (currently fifty-three) are members of the CET’s Council through their representatives to the Court of St James’s. The Council is chaired by the Commonwealth Secretary General.

Further information

CET’s audited Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements are available on the Charity Commission of England and Wales’ website.

Registered Office: The Commonwealth Education Trust, 6th Floor New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE    T: +44 (0)20 7024 9822   
F: +44 (0)20 7024 9833   
E: info@cet1886.org